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Our Mission

Offering e-mobility product B2B. We offer a low maintenance, durable and delightful electric scooter. Our research and design engineers have selected the optimal electric vehicle for your needs. We offer a true balance between quality and price providing the customer a premium product with optimum price! A modern day transportation electrification commute and delivery solution to reduce the customers’ carbon footprint. Adding to the developers’ current enterprises and successful environmental activities in restoration of lake and trees, save mangrove movement, restoration of open spaces for schools, and youth recreational activities.


DEXpress an e-mobility distribution enterprise based in Mumbai, India. We believe that the adoption of electrical vehicles, making use of innovation in design and technology, allows us to deliver a superior product. “Rule number one: The customer is always right. Rule number two: When the customer is wrong, refer to rule number one.” We strive through innovation and extraordinary customer service to deliver the highest customer satisfaction. Offering replacement parts, repair availability, and the best in the industry warranty commitment. We believe in travelling the less traveled path. Delivery two-wheeler is one of that.