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Can you get 10 Years life from your Battery?

The video shows how we have achieved 2% or less degradation of our Batteries in one year.

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EELECTRIC vehicle saves environment-A myth or truth

Producing a 75 kilowatt-hour battery for a Tesla Model 3, considered on the larger end of batteries for electric vehicles, would result in the emission of 4,500 kilograms of CO2 if it was made at Tesla's battery factory in Nevada. That’s the emissions equivalent to driving a gas-powered sedan for 1.4 years, at a yearly average distance of 12,000 miles, but if the battery were made in Asia, it would produce 7,500 kg of CO2, or the equivalent of driving a gasoline-powered sedan for 2.4 years.

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Comparison between different types of batteries

They are compared on parameters like energy density, safety, life span etc. One can select the battery that is best suited for their use. Lithium Ferro Phosphate are the best if you are looking for cheapest and safe. One may opt for NMC battery if the space and weight is a concern though they are recommended only in cold climate for safety point of view. They can cause fire and blast if not used properly.

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Battery Parameter

Understanding Battery Parameter

SoHState-of-health. Generic term for battery health.
ASoHAbsolute state-of-health of a new battery.
RSoHRelative state-of-health relating to available capacity
SoCState-of-charge. Generic term for charge level.
ASoCAbsolute state-of-charge of a new battery.
RSoCRelative state-of-charge; charge level with capacity fade.
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Battery cycle

Cycle Life : Temperature vs Charging/Discharging Rate Test

45℃ & 1C750 cycles.
45℃ & 0.5C1500 cycles
60℃ & 1C300 to 350 cycles
60℃ & 0.5C400 to 450 cycles
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Range anxiety : Cell Balancing

01. Passive Balancing: The primary advantage of passive balancing is the simplicity and hence, lower cost. The drawbacks are: Energy is wasted as heat, and Battery pack life could be shorter.
02. Active Balancing: This active cell_balancing circuit has a lower balancing time, increase battery life and no range anxiety. However, this equalizing circuit has a huge cost and complex system.

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Charge-Discharge Depth

Battery Life : Charge-Discharge Depth

Battery Shelf Life, like calendar life, is the time an inactive battery can be stored before it becomes unusable, usually considered as having only 80% of its initial capacity.

Battery Cycle Life is defined as the number of complete charge - discharge cycles a battery can perform before its nominal capacity falls below 80% of its initial rated capacity. Key factors affecting cycle life are time t and the number N of charge-discharge cycles completed. There are many more complex factors which can also influence performance.

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Battery pack

Battery Pack Building

  • Battery Cell Selection —Battery Sorting —Packing in Holders
  • Spot Welding —Connecting BMS —Charging with Balancing
  • Setting up parameters —Battery Packing
  • Battery Waterproofing —Box packing
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